ISG 2021: Iran Woman Cyclist Dehghan Wins Bronze

Cyclist Mandana Dehghan from Iran won a bronze medal in the 2021 Islamic Solidarity Games on Saturday

Dehghan finished in third place in the women's road race. Uzbekistan’s Olga Zabelinskaya and her compatriot Margarita Misyurina won the gold and silver medal, respectively. 

Mandana Dehghan has signed a contract with a Spanish team, and she will head towards Spain tomorrow night to participate in the competition with her new team.

Dehghan has joined Zaaf Cycling Team, a Spanish women's road cycling team, and she will attend a three-stage tournament of Málaga from May 3. It is expected that she is going to compete against other teams in France, Italy, Belgium and Spain. Mandana Dehghan has already been in other teams from foreign countries, including United Arab Emirates, Netherlands, Vietnam and Japan. Also, it is the fifth time that she joins an international team.

In Tajikistan, Iranian National Women’s team managed to stand in the third place of the Time Trial competition of the 2022 Asian Road Team Championship with the combination of Mandana Dehghan, Somayeh Yazdani, Reyhaneh Khatouni and Sajedeh Siyahian. Uzbekistan came in first and Kazakhstan came in second.

The 2021 Islamic Solidarity Games are being held in Konya, Turkey, from August 9 to 18, 2022. It is a multinational, multi-sport event that is played between the athletes from the nations of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.